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We believe future belongs to those who create it.

Qodequay Technologies company is build on two robust pillars of ‘Design’ & ‘Technology’. With cumulative experience of 80+ years with global MNC’s, our core team makes sure that our unique solutions perfectly reflect your vision. We constantly keep on delivering futuristic solutions to the modern world, with our immense expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

With a firm grip on all the variable technologies like extended reality (XR), IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, etc. we make sure that our flawless recommendations always establish a benchmark for the realm.

Qodequay Technologies is a company that has 80+ years of cumulative work-experienced professionals who have served to global MNC’s . We work on some of the most cutting-edge technologies that make a difference in today’s world. In short, we help companies build high-performing, technologically-advanced, Scale-able and user-friendly products that enable our customers to corner the market.

The Concept !


Even the most critical problems are resolved using three E’s i.e. Experience, Expertise, and Execution, and we at Qodequay as a team have it all. We believe that every question surely has an answer and we constantly keep on striving to find those answers. Qodequay beats conventional approaches in the domain of technology formulations. With the Design Thinking approach, we as a team deeply analyze the requirements of our clients, cluster the needs into small achievable goals, prepare a robust strategy, and start taking steps towards it. Every solution performs after the three most important processes prepare, test, and execute. Qodequay never slips any of these. We prepare a solution according to the client's requirement, test it rigorously, and at last keep a sharp guard while it is being executed.
Experience Design

A Design Thinking Approach

We deploy a Design Thinking-based approach to deliver on expectations. It proves to be the most powerful way in tackling complex challenges. That is, we refine and reframe the needs of the customers, brainstorm on ideas and ways to implement, prototype and then test. This strategy of ours follows our principles of understanding the vision, brand and audience of the customers, and then devising ways of turning ideas into opportunities for them.

Digital Transformation

Technology  |   Data  |   Process  |  Org Change Management
As the digital realm expands by the day, a user’s application touch points increase and so do the interfaces and devices. Basic hygiene mobile applications are just that. Qodequay outperforms conventional approaches in the field of mobile app creation.
Digital transformation needs talent. Indeed, assembling the right team of technology, data, and mentor people who can work together with a strong experience, we can bring a change in the Digital landscape of your business, we can take over the most important step that a companies are contemplating for digital transformation. We bring in end to end development for all the milestones of Digital transformations.
Service Delivery


Our Key Offerings
Dreams are never big or unachievable if you are moving on the correct path to accomplish them. 
Qodequay constantly holds your palm and drives you on the entire journey from dream to reality. 
With a design thinking approach, we make sure the ride is swift with none or merest hurdles.  
Qodequay is a service design & product development studio that is your stop for all things digital. It could be having your e-commerce platform up and running, building multi-experience mobile apps, designing customer experience theatres, or even taking your idea to a minimum viable product level. We have what it takes to ensure, you excel.


The idea to digitally transform the physical store to DIGITAL stores and get it online is perfectly transcribed and achieved by Qodequay. We being in the top 3 Shopify experts of APAC, create everything from scratch or revises the e-commerce platforms according to the requirement. Integrating our core digital thinking approach with Shopify, AWS, OpenCart, Woo-Commerce, etc we build a precise image of the client’s expectations.

Highly Rated Shopify Expert - 4.9 out of 5

175+ e-Commerce Projects Successfully Completed

Qodequay e-Commerce
Qodequay UX Consultancy

User Experience Consulting

Our 3 step UX process

Expertise goes a long way in increasing creativity and innovation. Qodequay’s expertise is a result of functional blueprints meeting creative & modern responsive design elements. Design is a manifestation of thought. We use Design Thinking approach, UX engineering process to deep dive into user problems and build solutions. our core UX offerings are UX consulting, Service Design, Enterprise UX.

UI/UX team stays focused on Research, Design, Development and testing for user experience and usability. we can enhance your experience design and take your customer experience to new levels. We offer solutions for enterprises, startups, product incubators, assist on MVP, with our 3 step UX process;

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

RIA Developments

We expertise in developing web-based applications that have some characteristics of graphical desktop applications. Built with powerful development tools, RIAs can run faster and be more engaging. They can offer users a better visual experience and more interactivity than traditional browser applications that use only HTML and HTTP.

We create complex application screens using a variety of mixed media such as multiple fonts, bit-map and vector graphic files, animations, online conferencing, audio and video. Those applications offer functionality that goes far beyond mere reading and browsing, and they can be served up over the Web. We call these rich Internet applications.


Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) are emerging technologies utilizing a variety of digital (artificial) immersion and overlays on the real world that users can interact with. These embedding technology are soon going to become part of our daily life. We are building solutions for these cutting edge platforms, for business solutions.


Qodequay fosters development of early-stage start-ups so that they can bring their product ideas to life. Our accelerator program takes care of their technology complexities and fuses their big ideas with our expertise to support companies in all stages of their lifecycle.

Our Products

The apps we made !!!

Yello - Just ask !!!

YELLO is a platform that aims to connect you with the community around you to create closed knitted virtual network where people can seek answers to their most basic queries. Be it around a product, service, or plain simple information, that might be able to help an individual in his search.

Qodequay Kidneycare

Kidney Care

Kidney Care is a smartphone application created for Kidney Transplant patient’s use. The motive of the app is to cut down the time to intimate the consulting nephrologist and avoid any delay in the medical exigency.


Parallax Listed under 10 best AR/VR Digital Companies of INDIA, 2021 Crafting disruptive designs
& Cutting edge TECHNOLOGIES.



Out of many good words here are few ...
  • For Shopify eCommerce Solution.
    Incredibly responsive and flexible. Perfect execution !!!
    Highly recommend!


    Kyle Groth
  • My company is based in the U.S and i always have been scared to contract oversea for multiple reasons. A friend of mine gave me Qodequay as a reference and I must say it is the best investment ever, that  I have done for my website and creative assets. They understood right away my branding voice, how to get a transactional, good looking  and effective website. Despite the time difference, they are always available and reliable, to meet, execute  and answer any questions I had.
    They have a full team working with them, to deliver projects on time and adjust accordingly if needed.

    I can only highly recommend them and i don t usually  leave a review ,only if it is well deserved!
    I consider working on other projects with them.

    Thank you!

    Omar Attalah
    CEO – ABXCore
  • Fast, professional and reasonably priced. I will only use QodeQuay for any web needs. I’m super happy.

    5 Star Rating
  • Qodequay was great to communicate with and got all my requests done.
    Excellent work and I would definitely work with Qodequay tech team again.
    My recommendation is doing loom videos to explain what you’d like and show it on your screen as,
    I found this was much more efficient.

    Thanks again Qodequay Team !!

    Gabriella Samkova
    CEO - https://www.somerside.com.au/
  • Ein herausragender Shopify-Experte. Absolut weiter zu empfehlen. Antwortet sofort,
    erledigt die Arbeiten unverzüglich. Überaus guter Preis. Keine Umsetzungen waren zu schwer.

    Cihan Isiktas
    Identim - https://identim.de/
  • I had the privilege of working with Qodequay. They were very responsive and worked very well with me to make sure they understood exactly what we needed done. We even had a tight deadline and they completed the work earlier than expected!

    They took the time to explain all the changes to me and everything was perfect. I will absolutely be using their services again and now I can feel perfectly at ease that I’m working with someone reliable, knowledgeable, and communicative!


    Oligo Professionnel

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